Thinking about the future...

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Thinking about what the future holds for me and my family. What is important to me. What I can and cannot live without. In today's world, material/unessential things are rated high on peoples' priority list. To high. And I can't say I've been guilty of some materialistic/unessential indulgences. Air conditioning is probably my biggest indulgence. 

Sure, Northern NY temps are no where near as severe as say, Texas or Florida, but this chick simply does not tolerate the heat. Whether its a "dry" heat or a "humid" heat. It doesn't matter. If it's over 70 degrees, I'm sweating like I'm in a sauna. Its gross and uncomfortable. As soon as temps start reaching 80+ in the summer, my two air conditioners come on, and seldom go off until about this time of year when temps resume the perfect temperature range of 60-70 degrees.

With that said, and with all the thinking I've been doing... Can I live without the comfort of an air conditioner? Sure, I could live... but do I want to live without one?  That is a HUGE question that anyone thinking about becoming a self sufficient homestead has to ask themselves about a multitude of materialistic/unessential products that so many people today seem to not be able to live without. 

Another one for me... International Delight French Vanilla Creamer. Now let me tell you this - I am a caffeine addict. I generally drink coffee from the time I wake up in the morning, until the time my head hits the pillow at night. Summer, Winter - it doesn't matter. If I don't have my creamer (and only French Vanilla please), I don't drink coffee... and me without coffee is not a pretty sight, not to mention I am utterly useless!

Now, since my eyes have been opened by so many fellow bloggers, I know this creamer is laden with a bunch of crap I don't need, and isn't good for me. I shouldn't be drinking it. In my thoughts about my future, I've been thinking of giving up my 'beloved' creamer. As just one of many, many steps to becoming more self reliant. Anyone know of some good homemade, flavored creamer? Plans for the livestock in our future include a milking goat and/or cow. Any tips on using their milk for coffee creamer (if thats even possible??) is much appreciated! 

And with my caffeine/creamer addiction comes Tobacco. I am a smoker, and honestly don't think I can give it up. I've tried numerous times with not even a hint of luck. In my thoughts these last several days, I've thought of growing my own tobacco. A fellow blogger (MM @ Self Sustained Living!) mentions she grows her own, and smokes it. No chemicals added by the big wig tobacco companies, no outrageous taxes imposed by the governments. (GREAT post here that hit close to home with how I feel about the way our society is going, and exactly what I want to avoid!)

Now this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as things I was thinking about giving up as I enter the world of self sufficiency. Many things will be "trimmed" out of our lives. Hubster may not like some of it; but he will learn to live with it, or hit the road ;-)


No Monday Morning Blues...

For me today! Today is the last of the two Mondays this year I get to skip the Monday Morning Blues! The first Monday I get to skip is the week I get for Vacations. The second Monday (will not always be a monday, but I lucked out this year) is a paid day off for my Birthday! 

Now I've never worked for a company that gives you a paid day off for your Birthday, so this is pretty cool! I could have picked ANY day around the general vicinity of my Birthday; but since it happened to fall on a Monday this year, I jumped on the chance to skip the Monday Morning Blues! 

Hubster let me sleep in the best he could with two rambunctious toddlers. When I strolled out of the bedroom, I put on my much needed cup of coffee. Even when sleeping, my body KNOWS it should have had a few cups in me by 11am! As I'm making that, Trout, my 3 yr old, wished me a Happy Birthday (with a little help from Daddy)... Tell ya it brought tears to my eyes then, and again now as I am recalling it. Absolutely precious. 

Not much on the agenda for today. No different than any other Monday, except I wasn't up at 6am and heading to work by 6:45am. There is still laundry to wash and hang, dishes to wash, floors to vacuum... the list is never ending as I am sure you all know. The weather should be perfect for drying the clothes fairly quickly- so hopefully I can catch up from the weekend that wasn't so conductive to clothes drying.

For now, I hope everyone is having a good Monday, and had a great weekend! I'm off for a fresh cup of java then getting back to work!


Inspiration Sunday

Fencing. That is my inspiration today! On our 16 acres, we don't have a lick of fence. And that is something that needs to be fixed. Not just one stye of fence is going to be used - we need a few different styles.

The photo at right is one version of the Split-Rail style of fence. I have loved split rail fencing for as long as I can remember. It brings back memories of the old farms, which I love so much. I plan to use this as more of a permanent cross fencing of the interior of the property. This will keep the livestock in the rear portions of the property. Next, we look at a privacy fence.

I love this style mainly for it's rustic, simple look. It is extremely functional in blocking the view. Which is what we want to have across the front of the property. It will dual serve as a last barrier for any escapee livestock, and keeping the dogs from entering the roadway. Also keeps unwanted eyes from looking in. We are a very "private" family. We don't like nosy neighbors seeing everything we do. Nothing to hide, just the principle of the matter. That's why we refuse to live "in town". WAY to close for comfort! I prefer to keep my PJ's and Nightgowns in the privacy of my own home... but dern I don't mind hanging a load of clothes or doing chores in them... especially if it is before my coffee! 

And one more style of privacy fence that still allows a slight view when looked at from an angle. While I wouldn't use this as my primary solid fence, it would be nice closer to the house, say around the kids' play yard. Or around a pool. Something of that nature. 

Well folks, that's My inspiration post for today! Fencing. I've put a lot of thought into it, and am chomping at the bit to get one started. Lack of materials and tools are slowing me down, but I know they will be up in a matter of time. Even if I have to do it myself :-) 

I hope you all have had a GREAT weekend! I get to skip the typical Monday Morning Blues this week. Thankfully, my place of work gives you a day off for your birthday. Mine happened to fall on a Monday... and better believe I'll take the opportunity to skip the Monday Morning Blues! Have a Great, Peaceful Sunday Everyone!

Whew! What a week!

I can't believe it's ALREADY SATURDAY! Wow, where the heck did the week go? Almost time for another Inspiration Sunday already! This week will feature a fence design I LOVE! But you'll have to stay tuned- no more details from me! 

Overall the week was just very busy with a lack of computer time. Had family over on Tuesday. Spent the remainder of the week catching up on sleep from the late night Tuesday.

I am sure y'all are wondering about the dogs and their raw feed diet. I had to put it on hold after day 3. All dogs take time when adjusting to a new food (of any sort) and of coarse, with the adjusting, comes a few messes. Thankfully my dogs only had messes from the front half of their body. But, none the less, hubby was the fortunate one to clean them. In all fairness to him, I decided to put off switching to was until I could be available for the mess cleanup. I figure it's only fair since I know I wouldn't be too happy if I were the one home with the dogs cleaning the messes, and it was his idea ;) 

Well, considering I was supposed to post this last night, and hit save instead, I better get it out there before I do the Sunday Inspiration post! Hope y'all have had a great week and weekend!!