Does anyone here....

feed their dogs a Raw Food Diet? 

 I have been doing some research, and believe I am ready to make the step into the Raw Food Diet for my boys. I've made a few connections with people who are cleaning out their freezers soon, and know of a few places to buy some good, un-altered meat products. I am thinking within the next two days, my boys will be having their first Raw meal! 

I have heard nothing but good things. And it makes sense. Look at the things listed on those dog food bags. Just as bad, if not more so, that what they are putting into food for human consumption! If I am going to be feeding my family REAL food, I had better do the same for my fur-kids! I am planning chicken for the first week, with introduction to beer and pork following.

I'll forewarn ya, When I take their first meal photos, some will surely make it here on the blog :-) 

Have a GREAT weekend everyone! Stay tuned tomorrow for our first ever "Inspiration Sunday" post! All thanks to 1st Man for the idea, and permission to copy it! Wonderful blog! If you haven't checked it out yet, you don't know what you're missing! 


And the Fur-Kid Family is Complete!

Friends, Meet Thor! 

Thor is a coming 3 year old Purebred Boxer. He came to us as a result of his family making a move to CA. Their new condo wouldn't allow a large dog. His family answered a wanted ad I had posted. They happened to be in NJ for the holiday weekend, and live in Vermont. I'm in WAY Upstate NY. His family decided they would drive the looooong way home to VT, and come to meet us and us, them. Everyone hit it off great, and Thor found himself a great home! Almost the same way we happened to be blessed with Cash. 


Thor is great with the kids, and good with Teddy. I think it helps that he has already been neutered :-) He is pretty mellow in the house, and expends his energy when we go outside. It is hilarious to watch him and Teddy run! Teddy is so quick and agile, and Thor is, well, not so fast and agile. I'll have to record them one day for y'all! 

Runnin' Runnin' Runnin'!
The boys at dinner time
And to show you how well Teddy is coming, healing wise from his booboo's, here is the handsome fella! Pics were all taken today for y'all! 

My Teddy Bear!

Well my friends, the dishes are calling, and they sure won't wash themselves! I've tried to teach them, but it is fruitless ;) I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend!


Not much to tell...

On the Homestead front this week. We DID finally get a little bit of rain. Not nearly enough to make the grass green again - but some is better than none I suppose! Hey, it was enough to make the beans produce another handful or so of beans :-) No pictures to show y'all though- Trout ate them as she picked them! 

Teddy, aka BearBear is settling in great! He is such a mellow fella! We are looking to add another dog to our family. As nice as Teddy is, he is a big ole chicken. Should anyone decide to break in, he would be the first one to silently hide! We miss the "security blanket" feeling of our boy Cash... so we are on the lookout. Unfortunetly, we will be unable to own another Pit Bull, or Pit Mix for another 7 1/2 years. Once the house is paid off and I can say LATA to the Liability Insurance.  So, we are keeping our eyes out for a Boxer, or Mastiff. Trying to stay away from the Shepherds, and other heavy double coated shedders. Hubby is at his limit with Teddy's hair LOL

So, thats about the story since my last post. I hope everyone has had a GREAT Labor Day Weekend, and enjoys tomorrow! Have a great night everyone!