Granted, it's not much, but it feels like an accomplishment to me! We hit 100 total views today! And NO that isn't counting my daily view LOL! Thank goodness for that button! 

Not bad for only having 17 (this will be # 18) posts and 4 followers! And for those who have came back more than once, THANK YOU!!!

I know, I know, I've been slacking the last week or so, and haven't hardly gotten a post up. For that, I apologize! Life got busy and kinda got away from me! But, after a deeeeeeep reflection today, that is going to change! 

What I'd like to ask YOU (yes, YOU!) is, what would make this blog more visitor friendly? What would make you come back day, after day (even if not in a row ;) ), to check us out? 

What have you liked so far? Not liked so much? Anything I've mentioned that you would like me to expand upon in future posts? ANYTHING??