It's Inevitable.....

Snow is coming, and it is coming fast! The other day we had our first spittin' of the white stuff! Much to the dismay of my co-workers, I was joyful... 

This is what my co-workers think of me.
It's not that I like shoveling the driveway and cleaning off the car, or having to run the car for 20 minutes just to see out of the windshield (at almost $4.25 a gallon!!)... No. I am happy to have a few months of weather far far away from the 80+degrees of summer. I despise summer only because of the heat and humidity. Everything else I love. If only it would stay 70 or below. To be technical, Spring and Fall are my ultimate favorite seasons. Perfect temperatures!

And with that cold (no pun intended), hard fact- it's time to get things buttoned up for our first winter in our new forever home. Many things to get picked up and put away for a few months. A few things to repair or do maintenance work to. One last lawn mowing to save some work (hopefully) this spring. Window's to get a plastic layer on. Carports and Sheds to tidy up. The list goes on an on. 

And to think, this time next year, the list should be even longer if my plans come to fruition. There will be some produce to preserve in one fashion or the other. A few meat animals to butcher and process. Chicken coops to winterize. Just to name a few. 

So, how are your winterizing lists coming? I haven't gotten a single thing checked off on mine (I'm a horrible procrastinator), but hoping to change some of that starting tomorrow and into the weekend.Have a great night everyone! Friday (for those like me with the weekends off) is coming soon!