No Monday Morning Blues...

For me today! Today is the last of the two Mondays this year I get to skip the Monday Morning Blues! The first Monday I get to skip is the week I get for Vacations. The second Monday (will not always be a monday, but I lucked out this year) is a paid day off for my Birthday! 

Now I've never worked for a company that gives you a paid day off for your Birthday, so this is pretty cool! I could have picked ANY day around the general vicinity of my Birthday; but since it happened to fall on a Monday this year, I jumped on the chance to skip the Monday Morning Blues! 

Hubster let me sleep in the best he could with two rambunctious toddlers. When I strolled out of the bedroom, I put on my much needed cup of coffee. Even when sleeping, my body KNOWS it should have had a few cups in me by 11am! As I'm making that, Trout, my 3 yr old, wished me a Happy Birthday (with a little help from Daddy)... Tell ya it brought tears to my eyes then, and again now as I am recalling it. Absolutely precious. 

Not much on the agenda for today. No different than any other Monday, except I wasn't up at 6am and heading to work by 6:45am. There is still laundry to wash and hang, dishes to wash, floors to vacuum... the list is never ending as I am sure you all know. The weather should be perfect for drying the clothes fairly quickly- so hopefully I can catch up from the weekend that wasn't so conductive to clothes drying.

For now, I hope everyone is having a good Monday, and had a great weekend! I'm off for a fresh cup of java then getting back to work!

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