Inspiration Sunday

My first 'Inspiration Sunday' Post is possibly going to be my favorite. I almost started off small, with a fencing look I fell in love with... but I decided for my first Inspiration post, it was going to be my biggest and favorite one. 

The photo is of a log cabin with a very nature based look. I love everything about it from the surrounding area, to the little patio, to the logs, to the roof, to... well you get the idea. I am just in love. THIS is what I hope to have by the time my children are leaving the nest. The day my youngest moves out, is the day I WILL be moving towards living in my little shack in the woods behind my house. It's not built yet, but over the years, I can only hope to have something resembling the above picture. Hubby has already been informed I will be living "in the woods" as soon as my children leave the nest. No more TV, No more power, no more running water. Just Me, My Dogs, My Livestock, and the Land. That is my dream. He's more than welcome to join me, but I know that will not happen. He is too attached to the 'luxuries' of today.  

Thats A-OK by me :-) I like the peace and quiet! 

Hope y'all have had a great weekend!

Today was the Day!

The day to start the new Raw Feed Diet for Thor & Teddy! This was their meal: 

Rock Cornish Game Hen - Halved
 Let me just say - they LOVED it! Teddy dug right in. Thor wasn't too far behind after he took the time to sniff and lick the chicken dry :) The boys will be eating plain jane chicken for the next few weeks so their bodies can adjust to their new diet. Next on the list to introduce will be either beer or pork, depending what I can find a decent supply of. 
Teddy and his first RF meal
Thor and his first RF meal

I have a feeling this is going to be the best decision I've made in my life as far as raising a dog to be healthy. Stay tuned for other updates on how my boys are adjusting to living and eating closer to their roots! 

Inspiration Sunday Post to follow soon!