Wow, It's been a while!

I apologize for my absence! It has been a whirlwind 6 weeks I tell ya! 

October 19, 2012, we lost an incredible man in our lives. My husbands father passed away after a near 5 year battle with cancer. Started in his lungs, went into remission for a bit, then came back with a vengeance and no chance at beating it. He came home from the hospital, and passed two days later surrounded by the family who loved him. He will be sorely missed, and has left a huge hole in our hearts. I have plans of a memorial post for him soon... when I can grit back the tears long enough to do him justice. May he Rest in Peace.. 

OK, Before I think too much, I have much more exciting news for y'all! We have two new additions here at Greenwood Acres! 

Rusty and Cookie, Our "rescue" Miniature Horses! I previously owned Rusty, but decided to sell him when my newborn ate all my time ;) I was recently offered Rusty and his "girl friend" Cookie from his buyer. I couldn't say No! Rusty is in good shape... Cookie can use a few groceries. I have a sneaking suspicion - from my observations since they have been here - That Rusty has been a food hoard and has pushed Cookie away from a lot of the food. I cannot wait until Spring for them to shed out, and to show you their transformation!
In other news, It is here... That dreaded word for many... SNOW! 
My Backyard view the other day when it started... Stay tuned for the updated photo ;)