Inspiration Sunday

Fencing. That is my inspiration today! On our 16 acres, we don't have a lick of fence. And that is something that needs to be fixed. Not just one stye of fence is going to be used - we need a few different styles.

The photo at right is one version of the Split-Rail style of fence. I have loved split rail fencing for as long as I can remember. It brings back memories of the old farms, which I love so much. I plan to use this as more of a permanent cross fencing of the interior of the property. This will keep the livestock in the rear portions of the property. Next, we look at a privacy fence.

I love this style mainly for it's rustic, simple look. It is extremely functional in blocking the view. Which is what we want to have across the front of the property. It will dual serve as a last barrier for any escapee livestock, and keeping the dogs from entering the roadway. Also keeps unwanted eyes from looking in. We are a very "private" family. We don't like nosy neighbors seeing everything we do. Nothing to hide, just the principle of the matter. That's why we refuse to live "in town". WAY to close for comfort! I prefer to keep my PJ's and Nightgowns in the privacy of my own home... but dern I don't mind hanging a load of clothes or doing chores in them... especially if it is before my coffee! 

And one more style of privacy fence that still allows a slight view when looked at from an angle. While I wouldn't use this as my primary solid fence, it would be nice closer to the house, say around the kids' play yard. Or around a pool. Something of that nature. 

Well folks, that's My inspiration post for today! Fencing. I've put a lot of thought into it, and am chomping at the bit to get one started. Lack of materials and tools are slowing me down, but I know they will be up in a matter of time. Even if I have to do it myself :-) 

I hope you all have had a GREAT weekend! I get to skip the typical Monday Morning Blues this week. Thankfully, my place of work gives you a day off for your birthday. Mine happened to fall on a Monday... and better believe I'll take the opportunity to skip the Monday Morning Blues! Have a Great, Peaceful Sunday Everyone!

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