Not much to tell...

On the Homestead front this week. We DID finally get a little bit of rain. Not nearly enough to make the grass green again - but some is better than none I suppose! Hey, it was enough to make the beans produce another handful or so of beans :-) No pictures to show y'all though- Trout ate them as she picked them! 

Teddy, aka BearBear is settling in great! He is such a mellow fella! We are looking to add another dog to our family. As nice as Teddy is, he is a big ole chicken. Should anyone decide to break in, he would be the first one to silently hide! We miss the "security blanket" feeling of our boy Cash... so we are on the lookout. Unfortunetly, we will be unable to own another Pit Bull, or Pit Mix for another 7 1/2 years. Once the house is paid off and I can say LATA to the Liability Insurance.  So, we are keeping our eyes out for a Boxer, or Mastiff. Trying to stay away from the Shepherds, and other heavy double coated shedders. Hubby is at his limit with Teddy's hair LOL

So, thats about the story since my last post. I hope everyone has had a GREAT Labor Day Weekend, and enjoys tomorrow! Have a great night everyone!


  1. Rain is scarce here in SW ohio too. But we finally got enough to perk up some of the garden. I'd vote for the boxer - my fav - and our lab/shepherd mix has been shedding since April. Looking forward to your updates.

  2. Thank you Claudia! We did manage to get just a touch more rain yesterday evening. Some places not too far away from us go almost 7 inches! I have a feeling you will like today's update! We have ourselves a new family member! We had a Shepherd/Chow mix growing up who shed pretty much year round. By the time she shed her full winter coat, it was time for her to start blowing the summer coat! Thanks for your interest! Feels good to get my first comment from someone! I dont feel all alone out here :-)