Holy Drought!

Well, here in Northern New York, we haven't had much measurable rain ALL summer. Sure, we get a shower here or there... after two straight weeks of ridiculously high temps scorching all lawns and gardens in the area. So, needless to say, yesterdays rains showers were pretty much only good for getting the freshly hung clothes soaked enough to take a full day and a half to dry. *Sigh* Better than none I suppose... and can't say I mind the fresh rain smell on the clothes either. Just stinks when everything but the heaviest of heavy fleece pajama pants are the only thing left in the closet : /

My negelected garden is looking pitiful as ever. Corn and beans are the only thing growing. And even those are barely 8" tall. But I DO have a couple of beans forming! WooHoo!! Might give me the much needed ambition to be NICER to my garden next year :-) This year was pretty much a dig up a spot, and throw some seeds in to see how they do with no kindness, kinda year. Next year, I plan on putting more thought and time into it. For next year is when the REAL homesteading is going to begin!

Well, kids are ready for bed, so blog time is short for tonight. But I HAD to get a post on here. Gotta get things moving here and in reality.  Have a good week everyone!

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