2014 Homestead Goals

What a s-l-o-w start to spring 2014 in the uppermost parts of New York! I figure this is good time as any to get my goals for this "homestead" out there for the world to see! If nothing else, I am hoping having it "out there" will keep me motivated - and give me a place to keep track of my progress! 

So, Here goes...not necessarily in any specific order! 
  • Plant something, anything, in the ground to count for a garden! This includes actually deciding where I want the garden to be! (Stay tuned for an upcoming post- I will be asking for your opinions!)
  • Install the "Kid Fence" to keep the toddlers in a safe area when need be. 
  • Install the Middle fence - to keep dogs, livestock, and children away from the driveway and road. 
  • Install Permanent and Semi-Permanent Horse/Livestock fencing
  • Finish the "Big Barn" - roof, doors, flooring, stalls. 
  • Build Chicken coop to semi-contain the chicken poop! 
  • Construct/Repair Hay Storage
  • Begin Complete Perimeter Fence/Trail line
  • Plant at least 5 trees.

There - that is a basic start of my list. Lots and lots of fencing, and some construction. I do not think Hubster knows whats he is in for this year! Ha ha ha :) Stay tuned for some pictures from around the homestead next time as I plan the future location of the garden!

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